2016 – 2017 Vineyard School of Justice Information Pack (PDF)

What is the Vineyard School of Justice?

The Vineyard School of Justice is a unique seven month program run by Winnipeg Centre Vineyard (WCV), in turn part of Vineyard Canada, and held at WCV’s premises in Winnipeg’s North End – one of the most impoverished neighbourhoods in all of Canada. The school is designed to foster a passion for loving God and loving your neighbour (especially those society deems “least”) and will equip you with the knowledge, skills, and character to live out a life of radical love with those in the margins of society.

For comprehensive information on the school’s vision, values, curriculum, housing arrangements, schedule, admission requirements, cost etc., please view or download our Information Pack above.
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What Makes the Vineyard School of Justice Unique?

The school facilitates a one-of-a-kind environment where your classmates are actually neighbours from the North End who are impoverished, at risk of homelessness, and street-involved. Aside from the extraordinary relational, educational, and spiritual benefits that this kind of community yields for all involved, we believe that there is no better way to encounter Jesus and his heart of justice. It is only through being and learning together, side by side, day after day that we may fully envision what loving God, loving our neighbour, and the coming of God’s kingdom really means.

What Can I Expect from the Vineyard School of Justice?

The school’s education model is based on a process that is inward, outward, and relational; respectively, it features a teaching component designed to facilitate reflection, a doing component designed to facilitate action, and a being component designed to facilitate relationship

  • Teaching topics include:
    • The love of God
    • The gifts of the Spirit and living a naturally supernatural lifestyle
    • The theology and practice of mercy, generosity, compassion, peace, and justice
    • Aboriginal studies (indigenous history and culture, settlement and treaties, reserves, residential school, decolonization)
    • Realities and issues of life on the streets (gangs, prostitution, homelessness, violence)
    • Studies in addiction and complex trauma
    • Basic counselling and principles of nonviolent conflict resolution
    • Global justice issues (persecution, trafficking etc.)
  • Doing includes:
    • Site visits to community organizations that are doing justice
    • Learning on the streets
    • Practical volunteer opportunities
    • A one month trip to Nepal to live, learn, and serve with the Himalayan Region Vineyard Churches who do ministry with some of the most marginalized people in Nepal
  • Being with God and each other includes:
    • Times of worship, intercession and prayer ministry, and sharing
    • Personal mentoring and discipleship with WCV pastoral staff
    • Participation in WCV’s church services and house groups
    • Weekend retreats


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