David and Anita Ruis, National Team Leaders of the Vineyard in Canada, talk about the unique vision and heart of the Vineyard School of Justice.

Jon Stovell, who along with his wife Beth is responsible for the theological and spiritual formation initiatives in Vineyard Canada, talks about the unique opportunities that the Vineyard School of Justice presents in the way of theological and spiritual formation.

“The Vineyard School of Justice is a school of real life for anyone who longs to see the Kingdom of God moving forward among those who are poor. From its central place within the family of the Winnipeg Centre Vineyard the School of Justice provides an ideal environment for learning and growing at a deep level within the context of a local Vineyard church. The Winnipeg Centre Vineyard has a long record of living life in the margins with creativity, compassion, thoughtfulness and solidarity. The presence of God combined with best practices in ministry and mature leadership makes the Vineyard School of Justice a unique life-changing opportunity for anyone who is sensing an invitation from God to spend a season finding Him in new ways among the poor.” ~ Beth Wood, Community Connector at Halifax Metro Vineyard


Natalie Hamm, a student in our 2013-2014 school, talks about her journey of healing and how the relationships she built in the school, as well as the school trip to Nepal, were meaningful parts of this journey.

Patrick Tobin, a student in our 2013-2014 school, talks honestly about what he learned in the school, how it reformed his view of God, and how a trip to a L’Arche community changed his perspective on certain kinds of people.

Coralynn Stevenson, a student in our 2014-2015 school, talks about coming from Winnipeg’s North End, how God guided her to the school, and the difference it has made in her life.

Kirby Boucher, a student in our 2013-2014 school, talks about why he joined the Vineyard School of Justice. And about the weather in Winnipeg.

Jessica Williams, a student in our 2013-2014 school, talks about the dynamic of Winnipeg Centre Vineyard and the School of Justice, how being and learning together with people from the streets changed her, and why you should come to the school.